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Maps for our suggested road ride out routes around the amazing Brecon Beacons!

Please download these before coming to site

castle ride.jpg


Reservoir Ride.jpg
The Black Mountain pass ride .jpg


Also if you would like to download any of the routes as a GPX file for you mobile device ahead of the event see below. If you’ve never used a .gpx file before, don’t panic - it’s easy. Here's what we suggest you do in order to use your phone to follow our electronic ride routes:

1. Install DROP BOX and BikeGPX on your device. Both apps have free options, so you don't need to pay for a subscription.

2. Open up the Dropbox link from HERE and find the ride route that you would like to follow. In Dropbox, once you're at the file, click on the three dots, usually in the top right of the screen to access the 'Open In' dialogue. Select 'Copy to BikeGPX'. 

3. At this point, you should be taken to the BikeGPX app. The route will appear as 'Untitled', but that's okay because you can check it's the right one from the overall length that it returns and once you open it, you'll see an overview of where it takes you.

4. All you need to do now, is to attach your phone to your bike's handlebars and click 'Start Riding'. We recommend a Quadlock or RAM system for a super-reliable mount, but there are lots of phone holders available online, so make sure to come to camp with the right setup for you.

5. Unlike Google Maps, BikeGPX won't give you an audio prompt, but it's very simple to use - just look for the red line and make sure you follow that!



We’re very excited this year to have the mighty Harley Davidson supporting the event and as part of this they’ll be bringing their test fleet of their newest motorcycles to site for full licence holders to

Sign up for the hour long test rides are onsite at the event so make sure you jump in and sign up quick as we have limited spots throughout the weekend!

** Please note that you must have the relevant A1 licence to be able to take part in the Harley Davidson test rides and adhere to all rules and regulations set out at the event for the test ride before before riding.