Want to learn how to document your adventures via film or maybe get info on how to get into skateboarding photography?

Swing by the Film and Photography tent at CAMP VC this year where we’ve got a stellar line up of renowned professional female photographers and film makers specialising in everything from skateboarding, surf and adventure photography hosting talks, classes and workshops throughout the weekend for you to get involved with!

** Line up and class info launching soon! **

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35mm Film Photography Workshop

New for 2019 we have the film photography workshop with professional photographer SARAH EMMA SMITH !

Have you ever wanted to get into film photography but not known where to start? Professional photographer and 35mm film obsessed snapper, Sarah Emma Smith will be holding beginners 35mm photography workshops on how to get into the wonderful world of film and what the benefits and rewards are of going back to analogue. Sarah will take you through what films and cameras are best to start with, how to understand what film is (how it works and why it is a great way to improve your digital photography) and teach you how to manually set and compose your shot for the best results. Everyone will be provided with a roll of film and a camera to use and will be given time to go out and shoot some snaps.

Cameras and film will be provided free of charge for this workshop along with info on where and how to get your film developed and many other helpful tips and tricks!

But WATCH OUT! This class will fill up fast so be ready when class sign ups launch on Saturday 20th July to grab a spot as we have limited places!

Get to know Sarah before arriving to site at WWW.GOINGNORTHPRODUCTIONS.COM or on Instagram HERE. 

*Pre - sign up for all film and photography workshops will be launching after ticket sales have ended on July 20th along with the event schedule.